what steps are involved in the nitrogen cycle?



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    The Nitrogen Cycle has five steps:

    1. Nitrogen Fixation: Gaseous nitrogen is converted to ammonia via processes which exert a tremendous amount of heat pressure and energy.(Volcanic activity, lightning strikes, and industrial processes)
    2. Nitrification: In this process, bacteria convert ammonia (NH3/NH4+) into NO3-, a nitrate. Nitrosomonas, Nitrococcus and Nitrobacter are all bacteria which participate and gain energy from this process.
    3. Assimilation: Plants absorb these processed compunds and convert them into proteins amino acids and nucleic acids. Animals then intake the nitrogen from the plant tissues.
    4. Ammonification: Is the conversion of nitrogen into ammonia by animals
    5. Denitrification: In this “final” step, anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which operate in environments with little to know oxygen present) convert NO3- into gaseous N2
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