What is the status of the proposed mojave solar energy project?



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    Within the last day, the Mojave Solar Project will have 182,000 curved mirrors on 250 acres in the desert. The mirrors will redirect the sun’s rays to concentrate energy. The mirrors will be mobile to enable capture of the sun’s rays at any angle and will transfer the converted energy to the national grid, as opposed to a smart grid. All the energy captured in the Mojave Solar Project should be enough to power 14,000 homes!

    The solar plants will be built by Bechtel Corporation for BrightSource Energy developer under the U.S. Army. The produced energy from the 500 megawatt solar thermal farm will be bought by PG&E and SoCal Edison.

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    After having its Application for Certification filed on August 10, 2009, the Abengoa Mojave Solar Project Power Plant proposal is currently awaiting the overseer of an appointed California Energy Commission committee, whose members have yet to be chosen.

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