What states have the most available green jobs?



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    As of last year, California had the most green jobs (more than 125,000), followed by Texas with over 55,000.  Oregon is the only state where green jobs represented more than 1 percent of employment.

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    According to a study in 2009, California has by far the most green jobs in United States at around 125,000.  California traditionally has been a state that has been very progressive when it comes to green environmental practice, so it is unsurprising.  Texas is #2 on the list at around 55,000 jobs, and they also have a large market for solar energy among other things.  In Oregon, over 1% of the jobs in the state are green, though they have a relatively small population.

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    I guess it depends on what you qualify as green. I think that places with jobs that would promote treating the Earth right would be any in the national parks. 

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