What state produces the most strawberries?



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    “U.S. strawberry acreage in 1993 was only slightly more than in 1970, but nearly three times as many berries per acre were produced in 1993. More acreage in California, where per acre yields are relatively high, and improved yields in other States raised the U.S. average strawberry yield from 9,800 pounds per harvested acre in 1970 to 27,600 pounds in 1993. California’s share of U.S. strawberry production rose from less than 60 percent in the early 1970’s to nearly 80 percent in the 1990’s, while Florida’s share increased from 4 percent to 10 percent. In contrast, Oregon’s share of production fell from 14 percent to 5 percent.”

    “Strawberries are grown mostly in California, Florida and Oregon. The United States produces close to 30% of the world’s supply of strawberries each year, and most of those are consumed domestically. Most U.S. exports head to Canada, and supplies are imported from Mexico to supplement domestic supplies.”

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    Most the strawberries you find at stores, unless they were grown locally (they’re not hard to grow!) were grown in California.

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