What state is it easiest to buy locally?



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    That depends on what you are looking to buy, and may vary more depending on city than state.  Lets say you are looking for produce.  In Southern California it is quite easy to buy locally grown citrus, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, and almost any other fruit or vegetable you can think of (almost).  We have a long growing season, and if you pick produce that is in season (ie strawberries in the late spring early summer, and winter squash, well in the late fall and winter) you are almost guaranteed to get locally grown produce from your local grocery store.  However, in other places that have to truck in their produce during the winter months, it is harder to buy only locally grown items.  Lastly, there are some items that are very hard to get locally in the US, for example bananas.  Most of the bananas we eat in the US are grown in tropical climates and shipped/trucked across the country.

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