What state has the most potential for rain water recycling?



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    The state with the most potential for rain water recycling is probably the state with the most rainfall. Louisiana is the state that gets the most rainfall, however the rainiest city being Mobile, Alabama making Alabama a close second for rainfall. The Southeast is the rainiest region with the Pacific Northwest coming in second. 

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    I don’t think those numbers can be accurate?  I’m pretty sure the NW gets the most annual rainfall, and was totally surprised by the findings those websites provided.  Here’s another website that shows different results……


    Either way, common sense would say coastal areas will receive more precipation, whether it’s east coast or west coast or south coast 🙂  in combination with rainfall amounts, the potential can also be measured by a willingness of the state to venture with such a design.  I vote Oregon…because I am bias, and because they are very innovative with eco-friendly trends compared to other states.

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