What state has the most expensive littering fines?



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    In Washington State littering can cost up to $1025 — with the steepest penalty for lit cigarettes. 

    California has a minimum fine of $750 + 24 hours of litter cleanup for a third offense. And, in some places up to $1000.

    Idaho signed a law into effect in 2006, under which litterers cna be fined up to $180 + litter cleanup.

    Pennsylvania law allows authorities to fine up to $900 for litter dropped or thrown from a car.

    Both links below have some great information about litter laws — the second link below has some interesting facts and statistics as well.

    It appears that fines do depend on how much has been “littered” – A Georgia law can cost a litter-bug up to $25,000 for dumping over 500 pounds of garbage (on the second offense).

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