What state has the largest population of wild Bison?



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    There are approximately 500,000 Bison in the world right now, but only about 15,000 are pure Bison. They live in Yellowstone National Park, Utah, and South Dakota in the US. Bison roamed from Canada to Mexico in their hay-day. In Cluster State Park, South Dakota, is a heard of 1500, one of the largest in the US.

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    Tracking has revealed that there are now only eight wood bison herds and three free-ranging plains bison herds in the U.S. The current U.S. population of about 20,000 is less than 1 percent of the population in pre-colonial days. Fifty-seven Native American tribes in South Dakota formed the InterTribal Bison Cooperative in 1990. About 15,000 bison are overseen by the group.

    American Bison

    Photo credit: http://www.gpnc.org/bison.htm

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