What state has the highest speed limits?



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    Great question, Bhass.  Texas is home to the fastest speed limits in the US.

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    Montana. Speed limit listed as “safe for weather conditions” for daylight hours. Heavy trucks are limited in their speed.

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      This is true. My brother used to live in Montana and we used to pass cops doing over 90 and they never seemed to care. The speedlimits should have the deer population listed under it though. Pretty dangerous driving that fast with so many deer along the side of the road.

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      I heard that speed law in Montana was short-lived. I live in Montana right now, and I can vouch for the antsiness of the 5-0 to pull you over for doing 6 over. I’ve heard a few aggravating stories.

      On I-90 in MT, the marked speed limit is 75.

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      Thanks for clearing that up whitefish. I was thinking that this might not be the case anymore but didn’t say anything. Sounds like the Montana “no speed limit” has morphed from reality to urban legend!

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