What state has the best water conservation plan?



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    You would think that states that are surrounded by water might take that resource for granted, but being a native Michigander I would have to say we are quite aware of and vested in our waters. While the “best water conservation plan” is sort of a subjective title, I’d say Michigan’s legislation on the great lakes has been a protective one to say the least. There is also the Federal Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act of 1977 which assists the Department of Agriculture in keeping an eye on the trends of federal and registered non-federal lands. 


    I attached a few links to for further reading, I hope this helps!

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    As the other respondent noted, the “best’ water conservation plan is kind of subjective, but one state that appears to have a really well established water plan is Nevada. Because they deal with drought so often, Nevadans have to be especially careful of water use. As a result, the Southern Nevada Water Authority has put in place a number of incentives to help people conserve and use water wisely. Some of their programs include rebates for replacing grass with water-efficient plants and landscaping, a coupon program for water conservation home improvement projects, information on purchasing water smart homes, and helping to provide water efficient products for consumers to use at home, such as faucet aerators.

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