What state has the best public transit system?



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    Since public transit systems are usually on the city-wide scale, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly which U.S. state is the best when it comes to public transportation. Large cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco are exceptional models of public transit. Downtown residents can often go their entire lives without owning a car in these cities. Buses, subways, streetcars and ferries make it possible to get around the congested city streets with relative ease. That doesn’t hold true, however, once you reach the city limits within the states.

    The bay-area cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland have a fantastic public transit system – even traversing the San Francisco Bay. But California is so large, and the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas have such poor public transit networks, that it would be difficult to argue that California has the best public transportation. The same is true of downstate Illinois and upstate New York. There are Greyhound bus lines and Amtrak trains that will get you from city to city, but many smaller U.S. towns are without public transportation.

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