What state has the best incentives do build solar?



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    Most states offer individuals financial incentives for installing solar power. Consumers can receive these incentives along with federal tax credits of up to 30% of the total cost of installation. Louisiana has the best solar incentives around including a home energy loan program and property tax exemption. Oregon also offers a number of rebates for solar energy.

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    To add, the Louisiana 50% state tax credit is a rebate! You get 50% back up to $25,000 per system. This means you can put as many systems on your home as you want and still get the tax credit, as long as each system is under $25,000. In the last legislative session they added to this law saying that anyone can finance the the system, 3rd party financing. So for example your solar installation company will pay for the upfront cost of a system on one of their customers home. The resident won’t get the rebate back (but they don’t have to pay for anything), the company will!

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