What state has the best economy?



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    Last year, Wyoming was voted the best performing state in the U.S in regards to its economy. The state has the highest high school completion rate and the sixth lowest debt per capita. Wyoming has the second lowest poverty rate and a median household income of $52,664. The downside to this information is that Wyoming is the least populous state with only over a half a million residents (The Atlantic Monthly Group, 2011).

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    In one article, North Dakota was named the state with the best economy in 2011. It’s economy is led by agriculture and produces of the United States’ sugar beets, seed oils and grains. It’s also the second largest producer of lignite coal in the country.

    • It’s unemployment rate is 3.3% versus the nation’s 9.1% and its per capita income is $46,468. 
    • It added 19,000 jobs last year
    • Foreclosure rate: .95%
    • 0% State budget gap
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