What state grows the most potatoes?



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    Idaho comes to mind immediately.  They definitely have a reputation for being the “potato state”.  I had to do a little online-sleuthing to find some solid support, however.  According to the “Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education” Idaho is “the single largest potato producing state in the US”, planting over 400,000 acres annually and “accounting for almost 34% of the nations fall harvested average.”  Granted it looks like that particular information was last updated in 2001.  

    Wikipedia’s entry for Idaho notes that the state is “an important agricultural state, producing nearly one-third of the potatoes grown in the United States.”

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    Idaho grows the most potatoes. 1/3 of all potatoes in the US are grown in Idaho. Check out the link for more information. 

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    Idaho grows the most potatoes out of all the states, producing about 12.89 billions of pounds of potatoes when statistics were taken in 2006. Washington follows at 8.99, then Wisconsin at 2.94, the North Dakota at 2.55. They are grown commercially in 36 out of the 50 U.S. states. Overall, the United States is the fifth largest producer of potatoes in the world, and 1 out of every 10 grown here are exported elsewhere. Potatoes are a huge staple of the American diet, and a large industry overall.

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