What state grows the most apples?



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    Washington state grows about 60 percent of the apples in the United States. The United States in the worlds second largest producer of apples, with China leading the way. 

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    Washington grows the most apples.  In 2006, more than 5 billion pounds of apples were grown there, accounting for more than half of the total production in the US.

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    Washington state produces the most apples in a year. Overall, the state is responsible for about 42% of all the apples grown in the U.S., with about 60% of that grown for fresh consumption. The value of Washington grown apples is estimated to be about $2.2 billion yearly, sold in various forms worldwide. On average, about 28-32% of apples grown are exported to countries such as Canada, Mexico, South America, and those in the Asian Pacific Rim.

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