What state does the best with forest conservation?



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    Louisiana has been working hard at protecting our cypress forests. What is going on is loggers are going into the swamps and clear cutting old and new growth cypress tress to be made into garden mulch.

    Organization around the state have been fighting the stores that buy this mulch from the loggers, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. They protest outside their local stores and even go to the headquarters in Washington to talk with the CEO’s about the damaging affects they are doing to our state by buying cypress mulch.

    Cypress trees are the state tree, they provide habitat to many endangered species such as the white billed wood pecker and the black bear. They also provide a resting place for migratory birds coming up from the south. They also are the best natural defense for protecting the community from strong hurricanes. Louisiana needs these trees to survive!

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