What state composts the most?



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    Hard to say, I couldn’t find any specific numbers, but it looks like Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina, West Virgina, and the District of Columbia have taken the biggest strides in compost laws and uses.


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    I’m not sure either, but my guess would be California.

    There are almost 100 Styrofoam bans in cities across the state of California. Styrofoam bans often go hand in hand with food ware ordinances that require restaurants to switch over to compostable to go ware. When these ordinances are put in place cities are essentially required to provide these restaurants with a simple way to compost these containers… and thus most of these cities offer curbside composting programs to their citizens and businesses.

    Curbside composting is available all over Northern California (San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto) and in many places in Southern California (e.g., Santa Monica).

    One other approach you could take is to look up composting facilities using FindaCompoter (link below) and the state that has the most composting facilities per sq mile probably does the most composting.

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