What is the Starbucks Trenta cup?



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    Trenta is a new size of drink and it is the largest that Starbucks has ever carried. It holds 31 ounces and it will be available in all Starbucks locations May 3. It is 7 oz larger than the current largest cup size, Venti. The size will only be available for iced drinks. 

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    Allow me to compare the size of this monstrosity to other things, just for prospective.

    Trenta is 31 oz, 916 ml.

    Your stomach is about 900 ml, with maximum capacity at 2 k – 4 k.

    You bladder can hold about 600 ml.

    The trenta cup can hold 2.5 beers, 75 little sausages, 2 packages of bacon, a bottle of wine or liquor and 1/5, 6 oz dorittos, a bag of cotton swabs, 45 ball point pens, 2 pints of ice cream, and perhaps a few of your vital organs.

    Considering 29 % increase in size from the Venti, expect a 29% increase in fat, calories and sugar. For example the Iced peppermint White Chocolate Mocha was 700 calories with Venti, will now be 904 calories. (http://www.healthhabits.ca/2011/01/18/starbucks-trenta-breakthrough-human-obesity/)

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