What is Starbucks doing to prevent their negative impact on the environment?



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    Starbucks will be saving hundreds of gallons of water a day with the new faucets they installed.

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    Starbucks have stopped using disposable plastic cups and are now using paper cups made from 10% postconsumer recycled cardboard. They are also seeking LEED certification for all new company owned stores this year. However, they are currently shutting down more stores than they are opening.

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    Starbucks is working with a group called LEED which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In Starbucks’ mission statement the state that are improving the “designing, building and operating our stores in ways that reduce our impact on the planet. We’re incorporating everything from responsible building materials and furnishings to energy- and water-efficient measures into our store designs.”

    They are incorporating recycled flooring, improving lighting efficiency, low-flow valve, and high-blast nozzles to clean pitchers among many other things. 

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    They were supposed to be installing efficient light bulbs, and converting their 10% post-consumer cups to 100%. Recently I believe the CEO of Starbucks rejected a recycling initiative.  I’m not sure if that has been resolved, but it sure doesn’t look good for the company. So we shall wait and see if they follow through with their other green plans. 

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