What is a spotted dolphin?



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    A spotted dolphin is a breed of dolphin found only in tropical and subtropical waters.  Inexplicably, these dolphins swim with yellow fin tuna.  As a result, they are often the type of dolphin most often caught in the nets of fishing boats.

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    A spotted dolphin is a very social member of the, Delphinidae family.  There are two species of spotted dolphin, D. attenuata found worldwide and D. frontalis found in the Atlantic.  They eat a variety of fish and squid that occur near the surface in tropical waters.  Both species live in herds of hundreds to thousands of individuals.  Dolphins use echolocation to locate prey and communicate within their social group.  Echolocation involves emitting a clicking sound which bounces off objects, allowing the dolphin to judge distance. Both species are endangered by drowning in tuna fisherman’s nets.  They are also under threat from deliberate hunting, (in the thousands) by Japanese fisherman.  Spotted Dolphin: Photo credit, Defenders of WildlifeSpotted Dolphin: Photo credit, Defenders of Wildlife

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