What is a spotted bat?



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    My research tells me that this is an extremely rare bat. Little is known about it since it is so rare. It gets its name from the white spots that it has on its body, and it’s also pretty large. Most of the sightings of this bat have been in the western part of the United States, giving some hint as to where it calls home. This bat also mainly feeds on moths. Here’s a black and white photo that I found of the bat. 

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    The spotted bat is from the vesper bat species.  It can reach lengths up to 12 cm and weighs around 15 g.  It has three white spots on it’s back and has the largest ears of any bat species in North America at 4 cm.  The habitats of the spotted bat are undisturbed roosts on cliffs along the Grand Canyon in Arizona, as well as open and dense deciduous and coniferous forests, hay fields, deserts, marshes, riparian areas and dry shrub-steppe grasslands in California, Colorado, Utah, Canada.

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