What sport is there the most traveling?



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    Baseball has the most traveling because within a 162 game season, 81 of these games are played away from home. These games are generally 3 or 4 game series, meaning any given team (of which there are 32 total), each team is making somewhere between 20-25 road trips, each which requires a flight to the field, and then a flight back to the teams home city / next destination (unless they are traveling by bus, but then they are still traveling just slower). 

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    Baseball may have the most of the major North American Sports.  However, amateur sports such as figure skating require a great deal of travel as well, often more than professional sports. For example, during the season from November to March, a figure skater may have traveled to France, China, and Japan during the Grand Prix, back to their native country for Nationals, to Vancouver for the Olympics, and on to Italy for the Worlds. 

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