what is spoil?



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    Spoil occurs when something loses significant value. Spoil can take may forms from the microbial breakdowns of organic substances, to an uncared for population, or an economic market losing currency these are all examples of spoil. Spoil can Fruit and vegetables spoil when bacteria begins to break them down, since they are no longer good for human consumption, they are spoiled. Water can be spoiled by stagnation, this is why in the old days everybody knew not to drink water that was still. If it wasn’t flowing like a stream or a current, it was more likely to harbor dangerous microbes that would spoil the water.


    Spoil can also take the form of misused resources. By polluting, over fishing, poaching, and over forresting, we are spoiling ecosystems that we are finding have a lot more to do with the overall health of the planet. While the ozone layer might not be bad enough to consider ‘spoiled,’ the slash and burn methods resorted to in South American Rainforests has probably been severe enough to be considered spoiled.

    The third definition at http://dictionary.reference.com, is

    to impair, damage, or harm the character or nature of(someone) by unwise treatment, excessive indulgence, 

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