What SPF sunscreen should I wear?



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    At least spf 15, for maximum protection spf 30 or above.

    Buyer be warned, a recent study indicates that many sunscreens do not offer the claimed amount of protection, and others may have harmful chemicals in them.

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    SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. A higher number doesn’t necessarily mean increased protection. For example, if your sunscreen has a SPF of 20 then multiply it by 10 – in this case 200. That is the number of minutes you would be safe from the sun’s rays under perfection conditions (i.e. no water, no sweating, no rubbing off on clothes). However, perfect conditions are rare -especially when we trek to the beach. It’s highly recommended to reapply your sunscreen (no matter if its 100 SPF) every 1-2 hours.

    However, most major sunscreen companies have harmful chemicals deemed by the FDA to be ok. Go natural or “organic”! Check out these great options:

    • Purple Praire SunStuff, SPF 30 = $21.99 for  9 ounces
    • Nature’s Gate Mineral sunblock, SPF 20 = $9.35 for 4 ounces
    • Solbar Zinc Sun Protectoin, SPF 38 = $9.83 for 4 ounces
    • Caribbean Solutions Solguard Biodegradable Sunscreen, SPF 25 = $16 for 6 ounces
    • Jason Mineral Sunblock, SPF 30 = $11 for 5 ounces
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