What species of whales are the most endangered?



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    The North Pacific Right Whale is the most endangered species of whale, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.  Their population has been depleted due to whaling, and it is possible that the population has dipped below the point of recovery.

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    There are also several other species of whale that can be considered as the most endangered species of whale.

    1. The North Atlantic right whale. There are fewer than 350 of these whales left and due to their small gene pool, scientists fear for their survival.


    2. Western Pacific Grey Whale. Some consider this species of whale the most endangered species of whale, with fewer than 120 individuals remaining. These whales have fallen victim to oil and gas exploitations near their natural habitats and the death of only three females can mean the end of this species.


    3.Bowhead. This whale was targerted during the 18th and 19th centuries by British whalers. The bowhead or commonly known as the greenland whale is a close relative of the right whale and are also just as endangered. The expansion of the oil industry and the receding of polar ice is what is threatening this species of whale.


    4. Narwhales afer another type of arctice whale and these type of whales have a long tusk which is in fact an overgrown tooth. These whales still suffer from being hunted for their ivory tusks which can sell for $7,000.

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    According to Sea World, the classification of baleen whales are the most endangered. Nine out of the eleven total species are endangered, with current numbers well below what they measured just 200 years ago. Of these, blue whales and right whales are some of the most endangered. There are only about 10,000-14,000 blue whales left, and only about 500-1,000 northern right whales and 3,000 southern right whales in existence. These numbers are only a very small fraction of their total population before commercial whaling began in the 19th to early 20th centuries, a process that targeted the great whales and have left many populations severely hurting to this day.

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