what species of turtle have the most babies?



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    Sea turtles lay 100-200 eggs at one time.  Once they hatch, the babies have to struggle to get from their nest in the sand, to the ocean.  Not all of them survive this, and some of them don’t even survive getting out of their shell when hatching.  Since the mother does not go and check on the eggs once hatched, the babies are on their own.

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    In addition to what lola14 said, the nest where a sea turtle lays eggs is called a clutch. Sea turtles can lay over 100 eggs in a single clutch, and may lay six or more clutches in a season. Altogether, this can add up to 1,000 eggs, although the average is 400 eggs per season. It is also believed by scientists that sea turtles return to where they were born to lay eggs, a place called their natal beach. Green sea turtles may come ashore five times every fifteen days during mating season to make nests in the sand and lay eggs.

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    Hawksbills lay the largest clutches of any sea turtle, at about 200 eggs per clutch (though they sometimes lay more).

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