What species of tortoise are endangered?



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    Some endangered species of tortoise include: Burmese star tortoise, the southern speckled padloper, the ploughshare, flat-tailed tortoise, geometric tortoise, the Egyptian tortoise, and the Galapagos tortoise. For a complete list of endangered turtles and tortoise, see the link below. 

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    The following is a list of the most endangered tortoises along with some information about them. For much more detailed information and pictures, you can look at this pdf: http://www.turtlesurvival.org/storage/documents/top_25_turtles_in_trouble_2011.pdf

    The Pinta Island Tortoise is found on the Galapagos Islands. The only known living Pinta Island Tortoise is Lonesome George, who is believed to be 100 years old. There are, however, believed to be some hybrids living on nearby islands.

    The Ploughshare Tortoise is found in the Baby Bay area of northwest Madagascar. Its name comes from its appearance.

    The Burmese Star Tortoise is found in the dry zone of central Myanmar (Burma). It is known for its “beautiful well-defined symmetrical star patterns radiating across its carapace.” It can be distinguished from the Indian Star Tortoise by the greater star pattern, horny claw at the tip of the male’s tail, and lacking the star pattern on the plastron (belly).

    The Geometric Tortoise is found in low-lying areas of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. It is a prime example of convergent evolution due to its resemblance to the Burmese Star and Indian Star Tortoises but is not closely related to either. It can be distinguished from the other two tortoise species by the presence of a nuchal scute on its anterior carapace.

    The Egyptian Tortoise is found in the sand dunes and patches of desert scrub of northeastern Libya, coastal Egypt, the Sinai desert, and adjacent Israel. It is a very small tortoise with a typical length of only 10-14 cm.

    The Radiated Tortoise is found in the dry spiny forests of southern Madagascar. It is at risk because of degradation and destruction of habitat, exploitation in the domestic food trade and international pet trade, and the extreme human poverty in the area.

    The Bolson Tortoise is found in a very small region of the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico. It is the largest North American tortoise at over 45 cm.

    The Nama Tortoise is found in the harsh rocky semi-desert to desert areas of Namibia. It only produces one egg per clutch and grows to about 12 cm (very small).

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