What species of salmon do most Americans eat?



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    Pink salmon are the most common of all salmon species and the most common in grocery stores as well.  They are considered the most sought-after fish in commericial fishing, according to gosalmonfishing.com.

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    The most commonly consumed species of salmon in the US is the Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar), accounting for about 60% of all salmon consumed.  The majority of Atlantic salmon is farmed raised and sold in supermarkets, compared to Pacific salmon which is often wild caught.  

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    While North America does catch and eat plenty of wild salmon, most salmon that is eaten is farmed. According to thenibble.com, 95% of farmed salmon is the Atlantic salmon, and so, since it’s the most common farmed salmon, and Americans mostly eat farmed salmon, Americans eat mostly Atlantic salmon.

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    Some interesting information about salmon:


    The most sustainable salmon is the wild-caught Salmon from Alaska: Coho, Sockeye and King Salmon…rated best choice by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.  Wild-Caught salmon fro WAshington, ORegon and California are rated ‘Good Alternatives’.


    Farm raised Salmon are on the ‘Avoid’ list because the methods of rasing them harms the ecosystem surrounding them, produces waste, and can spread disease or parasites to other types of fish.  If the farm-raised salmon manage to escape, they’ll compete for resources with native fish…or possibly inter-breed with them and alter the genetics.


    Also interesting to note: farm-raised salmon is most often grey in color, but since no one would want to buy grey salmon, they inject pink coloring.


    Information obtained from:

    Mateljan, George. the world’s healthies foods: Essential Guide for the healthiest way of eating. 2007. Goerge Mateljan Foundation.


    ^^Highly recommend this book! It’s great!

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