What species of fish is most over fished right now?



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    While I could not find data on the single most overfished species, here is the “red fish” list from green peace.  Their criteria for putting a fish on the list is that it is either endangered, fishing causes habitat destruction or has a negative effect on other species, fishing is unregulated or it causes harm to local communities dependent on fishing.

    Alaska Pollock
    Atlantic Cod or Scrod
    Atlantic Halibut (US and Canadian)
    Atlantic Salmon (wild and farmed)
    Atlantic Sea Scallop
    Bluefin tuna
    Big Eye Tuna
    Chilean Sea Bass (also sold as Patagonia Toothfish)
    Greenland Halibut (also sold as Black halibut, Atlantic turbot or Arrowhead flounder)
    Grouper (imported to the U.S.)
    Hoki (also known as Blue Grenadier)
    Ocean Quahog
    Orange Roughy
    Red Snapper
    Redfish (also sold as Ocean Perch)
    Skates and Rays
    South Atlantic Albacore Tuna
    Tropical Shrimp (wild and farmed)
    Yellowfin Tuna

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