What species of ferret is used for pets?



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    The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal consider ferrts as an illegal wildlife to keep as a pet. Although, if you are a veterinarian you are allowed to keep a ferret as a pet due to the California fish and game commission. In 1995, ferret proponents asked California fish and game commission to remove the them off the restrictive wildlife list. The California fish and game commission has agreed to consider ferrets as pets as long as their anal glands are removed due to sanitation and health restrictions. 

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    The third most common uncaged pet in North America today, after dogs and cats, is the ferret. Most people have heard tales of ferrets wherein they often are described either as a vicious weasel-like beast used for hunting rabbits and rats, hamster cages or as some strange, smelly creature Englishmen tend to place down their trousers for wagers. Some people have seen ferrets in a pet store, were they are either sleeping angelically or rambunctiously rampaging about their cage with other ferret friends.The origin of ferrets as a domestic animal is unclear. Ferrets belong to the weasel family (Mustelidae) and are related to mink, skunks, weasels, otters and badgers. Ferrets are the only domestic subspecies in this family and they should not be confused with the Blackfooted Ferret, an endangered species which is only distantly related.


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    Domestic ferrets are their own breed, so as long as you don’t catch a wild ferret the breed you most likely have is in the genus Mustela subgenus Putorius and then three distinct species, the European polecat, the Siberian, and the blackfooted pole cat. The European ferret is thought to be the ancestor of the domesticated ferret. The domestic ferret, while just one breed varies in color. Check out the second link in the citations below to see the various colors. 

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