What species are you most fascinated by?

I find bees extremely fascinating- the fact that they can do dances to tell others in the hive where honey is, and the fact they can fly when their bodies are so much bulkier than their wings. I am also amazed at Hummingbirds. I think the speeds in which they move and the amount of sugar they have to consume in order to stay alive is incredible.



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    I think that the interaction between the Banisteriopsis caapi (a vine) and Psychotria viridis (a shrub) species is the most fascinating. Through particular processes of collecting, chopping, crushing, and brewing of the two plants, the drink ayahuasca is created. This is a psychedelic beverage that’s been consumed by numerous Amazonian indigenous groups for hundreds of years, commonly for healing purposes. It’s reported to connect the drinker to the spirits of all beings in the world and to provide knowledge, as long as proper preparations have been undertaken and the ceremony is directed by an experienced shaman. 

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    I am fascinated by cetaceans, which are marine mammals like dolphins, porpoises and whales. I love how their bodies glide through the water when they swim, but how they still need to make it to the surface to breathe air. I love that they birth their young live and that they are intelligent creatures that build strong bonds within their communities and they can communicate effectively among one another. I think the coolest thing about cetaceans is that animals like the bottlenose dolphin and orca killer whale can really defend themselves and sometimes even kill sharks (who I think are bullies of the ocean)!

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    I’ve always been fascinated with big cats! Lions, tigers, panthers, and cougars. They are the epitome of grace and power for me. What’s even better is that they are each so different. And they are found all over the globe. In short, big cats are awesome to me. 

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    I find bonobos to be very fascinating creatures because of their high level of intelligence and their behavioral oddities. For instance, bonobos are known to be very sexual animals. They copulate for various reasons including to resolve conflict!

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    I agree fully with mire2187 about the bonobos. Unlike the common chimpanzee, bonobos are very peaceful. Most ape societies are male-dominated, but in the bonobo world it is the female who controls everything 🙂

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