What sparked the ‘green movement?’



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    I think the Green Movement was sparked out of necessity and good publicity. In the past couple of years people have begun to pay attention to the fact that we must do something to help out planet. Scientists and conservations have known this for some time, but the general public was unaware. Media such as the Internet, television, and radio have brought the fact of the declining conditions to everyone and people became concerned. They began to pressure stores and businesses to make more green products. Then people began to purchase these products and it because almost a fad, or something “cool” to do. More publicity was given and more people began to take notice.

    Education is also been a main key. Schools are telling children about the condition of the planet and children are taking that information home to their parents and other family members. The Internet is providing constant reminders to its users about the planet and products available to help protect our environment.

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    Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” has been credited with beginning the environmental movement.  This book spoke of the dangers of the paths that human beings were on, and opened the eyes of quite a few million people.  It is because of this book that DDT was banned as a pesticide.  I highly suggest it, its a great read and you can begin to understand what the world was like before people even truly realized what they were doing to their environment.

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    The environmental movement actually began with the beliefs of Henry David Thoreau and the American Transcendentalists in the 19th century. They believed that humans should conserve and respect nature, and the forests should be protected and preserved by the federal government. With the creation of national parks and the Audubon Society, conservationism became a huge concern for the country, led by important figures such as Teddy Roosevelt.

    The modern environmental movement, however, began in the 1960’s and is largely credited with beginning the types of activism taking place today. Usually Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” is labeled as the starting point of the movement. Published in 1962, it brought attention to the issue of toxic chemicals such as DDT, and the severe consequences for humans and the planet. This book was monumental in drawing attention to and concern for the negative effects humans were having on the environment. In addition to the book, the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill is given a lot of credit in beginning the movement as well. The media helped show America the devastating effect this catastrophe had on wildlife and the previously beautiful beaches, giving the public a tangible image of environmental awareness.

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    Global warming and talk about the ozone layer.

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