what is space deebris?why is it such a big deal?



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    Space debris or spacejunk, is basically parts or substances from spacecraft that are discarded in space.  Screws, paint chips, rocket engines, and coolant are all space debris.  While most space debris is small and burns up in the atmosphere, larger pieces can present a hazard coming back down to Earth.  In 1969, five Japanese sailors were injured by falling space debris.  However, in most cases, space debris that makes it to Earth intact falls on an ocean.

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    Space debris, a collection of objects created by humans that no longer serve any purpose, orbits the Earth and could be potentially dangerous. Some of this debris may include defunct satellites, spent rocket stages, abandoned equipment, or other fragments that may have exploded. As they orbit the Earth, these forms of debris could pose serious threat to operating satellites. When space debris collides, it creates even more debris and increases the risk of danger. In January 2007, two collisions doubled the amount of debris fragments in the Earth’s orbit. The amount of debris is continually increasing, and it could someday make low Earth orbit unusable.

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