what sound does a morning glory make



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    As in the plant? I did not find any information on a morning glory making any sounds since it is a flower. It is typically only alive for a few hours and dies in the afternoon. Perhaps other plants hear its death howl but no sounds have been audible by humans. There is an Oasis album named after morning glories so maybe they sound like Oasis…

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    The Morning Glory Sparkler makes a hiss of tiny crackles that crescendos when it begins to ignite and a whirr when you slash the air with it.  Some laughter usually rides along as well. 

    I see that you posted your question in the birds category.  There is no “morning glory” bird, but there is a bird called a Morningbird, which is a member of the shrike-thrush family.  I couldn’t find a sound bite of the morningbird, but its relative, the grey shrike-thrush, makes a “Oo-oo-WEE” sound.  Here is a link to the audio.

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    There is also the Mourning Dove, a bird that is quite common throughout the U.S. even in urban and suburban areas.  They are called the mourning dove (commonly mistaken for the morning dove) because they calls are, well, rather mournful.  They sound sort of like this “cooOOoo-woo-woo-woooo”.

    I hope this helps.

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