What sorts of edible plants can you find in the average city?



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    It depends on the bioregion in which you reside, but bear in mind the the inner bark and soft wood of most pine trees and the like can be eaten, clover can be eaten, thistle can be eaten and dandelion. These are more European and Northeastern and Northwestern United Sttates standard fare. In more natural areas, fungi like mushrooms can be eaten, but it is highly likely that mushrooms are contaminated in inner cities, therefore making fungi imperfecti, rather than standard identifiable mushrooms like shitaki, reishi, chantrell or chicken of the woods. Cat tails growing in wetlands can be eaten at the stalk and taste like celery. In southern regions cactus are abundant and the fruit and pads, such as in barrel cactus and prickly pear, can be eaten.

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