What sort of chemical treatment is used in growing cotton?



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    Although there is a push towards organically grown cotton, there are some very hazardous chemicals used in the growth and production of cotton.  In some arenas cotton is considered the world’s “dirtiest” crop as a result of the large amount of dangerous pesticides and insecticides used in the production of cotton.

    According to the link pasted below (to the Organic Trade Association): “Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidopho, three of the most acutely hazardous insecticides to human health as determined by the World Health Organization, rank in the top ten most commonly used in cotton production. All but one of the remaining seven most commonly used are classified as moderately to highly hazardous.”

    The link provides more information than I could contain here — including statistics for the amount of fertilizer used to grown one pound of cotton (one pound raw cotton = one t-shirt), as well as information on the detrimental aspects of nitrogen synthetic fertilizers.

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