What is something that I can do to make my school day more eco friendly?



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    First off, you can bike to and from school, if it is a reasonable distance. At school, there are many small behavioral changes that can make the whole day more eco friendly. Simple things like bringing your own lunch in a reusable container with a refillable water bottle is a good habit to get into. Also, writing on both sides of a notebook will double the life the paper. Also, you can try to turn off lights in rooms not in use, or close windows when the heat is on. I know in my school, we wasted a lot of energy by running heaters in classrooms that were already warm, forcing us to keep the windows open and waste energy. You can tell the school to make sure this problem is not happening in your classrooms. 

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    There are a ton of recycled school supplies that you can get to make your day more eco friendly.  The Ultimate Green Store sells lunchboxes, backpacks, and recycled notebooks and binders.  There is also a post on The Daily Green that lists a bunch of environmentally conscious school supplies.

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