what some of the threats to cougars?



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         Some of the main threats to cougars are habitat destruction and habitat fragmentation as human development encroaches on their range. In some places, the animals are hunted because they prey on livestock and occasionally on humans. Hunting cougars is prohibited or highly regulated in most part of their range, but it still occurs. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature recommends that action is needed to solve the conflict between livestock owners and cougars.

        In Florida, where the Florida panther is highly threatened, road kills are the highest cause of mortality.

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    The major threats to cougars are habitat loss and overkill.  As the need for land by humans increases, the area in which cougars can live is decreasing, and this means more cougars in a given areas and thus less prey for each.  Also, as the habitat area decreases, the number of cougars that come into contact with humans increases, so the number that are killed from accidental contact and fear has increased.  While cougar hunting is illegal or highly regulated in most places, cougar hunting for sport still occurs, and the combination of these factors is leading to dangerous population losses of cougars.

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    One of the biggest threats is the negative public perception they are given. They are seen as dangerous and as a threat. Check out the link for more information. 

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