What is some routine maintenance that we need to do with electric vehicles?



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    Compared to conventional automobiles with internal combustion engines, electric vehicles are comparatively low maintenance, which is one of the attractive features of them.  The require a monthly check of the battery, and a changing of motor brushes at 80,000 miles, in addition to brakes, suspension, clutch and keeping tires inflated.

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      I just wanted to add to this answer that none of the production electric vehicles have brushed motors, therefore changing brushes is not an issue. Also, cars with regenerative braking increase the life of the brakes relative to those of combustion vehicles. And I love that there are no oil changes! Yay!

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    Just like the automobiles, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance checks such as on the pressure of tyres, efficacy of brake systems, frictional parts and so on. But it is also important to note that as it is of utmost necessity to replenish the fuel which powers the automobile, the electric car battery and the charger with its components should not in the least neglected.

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