What is some evidence presented by skeptics of climate change?



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    Because, taken as a whole, the evidence for man-made climate change is overwhelming, deniers typically take an isolated “fact” and then claim it somehow brings down the whole theory. Unfortunately, these facts are too often out-of-context, misleading, or downright false. 

     Some of the common arguments I hear are “It’s warming on other planets, too” (very little, if any evidence for this), “the climate has actually been cooling since 1998” (only because 1998 was a record-setting warm year in a series of increasingly warm years; choose any other date to start counting from and the global temperatures have undeniably been increasing), or that global warming is natural because it’s happened in the past (yes, it’s happened in the past, but never as quickly as humans are causing it now -and even then it caused dramatic mass extinctions, not good!)

    I understand that I might sound biased saying one side is wrong right off the bat, but I’m just tired of seeing honest people get mislead. Not everyone who calls themselves a “climate skeptic” is working for big business, but you trace a lot of these “facts” back to their original source, you’ll find think tanks and public relations firms working for the people who profit off of emitting CO2 -NOT scientists. 

    I invite you to check out the links I’ve provided. One is to arguments frequently made by climate skeptics and the scientific rebuttals. The other is a blog dedicated to exposing the corporate money being spent on “the denial movement.” Good reads -and incredibly important. 

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