what social issues does mexico have?



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    We live in a world that is increasingly close and interconnected. In 1880, China wouldn’t have cared much who the new US president was, and vice versa. Now, the Premier of China would not even dare do certain things without warning the US President (and vice versa).

    The same is in some ways even more true of Mexico and the US: They have a common boarder and that causes common social problems. Unluckily for Mexico, they have never been a major player on the world stage, while the US has been the major one for 70 years. That puts Mexico in a situation with a very powerful neighbor. That has worked for them in many ways — just as an example tourism, which is very big business. But it’s worked against Mexico because crime syndicates find it much easier to work in Mexico — then sell guns and drugs illegally in the US. That means that the incentive for crime is much higher, because the chance of getting caught is probably less. Mexico is still strongly influenced by the Catholic Church, so issues with the Church are more likely to affect Mexico than they are the US, where substantial numbers of people are Catholics, but there are also millions of Protestants, Muslims, Mormons, Jews, atheists, etc.

    The immigration situation is also difficult, because the US in some respects wants immigrants from Mexico, and in other respects does not. This creates social issues that have become increasingly difficult as the US economy has slowed. Some of the major cities in California are largely “Hispanic” (Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto), and what that means in politically incorrect terms is that they are largely populated by Mexicans who came to the US illegally (or by their descendants). There are hot questions about what the US “owes” illegals, for example, in terms of medicine and education. Holding illegal immigrants back at the walled border is a hot topic on both sides of the border. And that’s especially important since the other border of the US, the one to Canada, is the longest unprotected border in the world.

    Generally, however, Mexico sees many of the same social issues as any modern country. They have natural oil resources to develop, they have tourism, they are an active part of the Internet, they have significant, new manufacturing facilities, and all these have all the similar advantages and disadvantages as ones in other modern countries.

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