What is soapwort?



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    Soapwort is a herb native to Europe.  It is commonly found in the US now, however, and has been used for its healing powers.  It can be used to treat itchy skin, to make soap, and may even benefit cancer patients.  However, it is very important to know that soapwort is poisonous at high doses.

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    Soapwort, also known as Bouncing Bet, Fuller’s-herb, Lady’s-washbowl, Latherwort, Old-maid’s-pink grows with a single straight stem and can be two or more feet in height.   Growing with bunched, oval shaped leaves that grow across from each other on the stem the plant blooms flowers consisting of five petals.  It has a plethora of therapeutic benefits.  Read more HERE.

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    Soapwort, also called bouncing bet, is a flower that was indigenous to Europe and has made its way to the United States. When it is crushed up or boiled in water, it creates a lather similar to soap that cleans and can even remove grease. It grows to about two feet fall and has pink or white flowers, 1 inch across, with five fragrant petals.

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