What is so unique about the Infiniti M35h hybrid?



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    The Infiniti M35h hybrid doesn’t necessarily have unique features.  It isn’t the fastest hybrid, or the most fuel-efficient.  However, it is unique in that it is designed as a luxury vehicle.  It brings pretty good mpg (27 city, 30 highway), and pretty good power (it can go up to 155 mph and accelerates 60mph in 5.9 seconds) in general, though.  Also, it is a 350 horsepower car, which is impressive.

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    The Infiniti M35h has a number of unique features marking it as Nissan’s first, in-house hybrid.  It’s a fully parallel design with a single, electric motor and two clutches.  Also, it’s lithium battery is laminated, keeping it cool and reliable.  The main feature though, is that it’s a powerful, luxury vehicle with decent mpg.

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