What is so controversial about the environmental artwork of Christo and Jean-Claude?



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    Landscape artists such as husband and wife team “Christo” create works of art by changing and modifying pre-existing environments. The duo, known as “Christo,” wrap environmenta and buildings with fabric, as well as creating other large-scale installations.

    Although Christo works with the environment, their work is also insensitive to the harmful consequences of using the environment as their raw artistic material. For example, Christo wrapped cliffs off the coast of Australia, in 1969. using giant pieces of fabric. The birds who nested in the rocks could no longer access their natural habitat. Other wildlife, such as seals, also got tangled in the fabric. Environmentalists protested, and rescued the animals.

    In another instance, Christo covered a mountain with thousands of umbrellas. When the wind blew, the umbrellas dislodged, and caused damage.

    Christo is a world-famous team of artists, and one of their most recent projects, an installation of gates in New York City’s Central Park, attracted visitors from all over the world. Their artistic mission is “simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.”

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