What is so bad about palm oil?



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    Palm oil has a major effect on global food systems, is related to logging and forest conversion, as well as provokes and contributes to climate change. The high demand for palm oil drives out other agriculture in Indonesia and Malaysia, so people there are no longer able to grow their own food. It is a leading cause of forest conversion and community displacement in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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    Many people believe palm oil is bad for you because it is high in saturated fats. These types of fats can lead to high cholesterol and heart problems. Tropical plants are heavy in saturated fats because their climates are pristine for year long growth. Saturated fats take less energy to make and so tropical plants utilize this method of energy storage.

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    Palm oil producers have been accused of various human rights violations, from low pay and poor working conditions to theft of land and murder. Palm oil has also been shown to cause irreversible damage to the natural damage. Some impacts include deforestation, habitat loss, and an increase in greenhouse gases. 

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