What is so bad about bull fighting?



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    Bullfighting is incredibly cruel to the bull. The bull is placed in a ring with men who have swords. The frightened, hurt bull runs around the ring in a panic while the men stab at it. Horses are also hurt in the process, since sometimes the bullfighters ride horses. The bull won’t recognize that people are on the horse, so it gores the horse instead. After bucking around the ring and being stabbed, the bull is finally dragged in front of the crowd and killed. It is a cultural heritage, but it’s also immensely cruel to the animals involved. There are pictures and videos included in the link posted.

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    Bull fighting is exploitation of an animal for a show designed to make money. The bulls are often mistreated before the fight. They have vaseline rubbed in their eyes to blur vision, cotton shoved up their noses to impair breathing, and sometimes a needle is used to penetrate the animal’s genitals. Bulls are sometimes kept in dark cages for days before the fight so they are disorientated when released for a bull fight. Once the bull fight begins the animal is stabbed in the neck so that it begins to slowly bleed to death.

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