What is snake venom made of? And what makes sea snake venom especially deadly?



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    Snake venom is essentially a mix of saliva, proteins, and enzymes. Some of the proteins in the snake’s venom is harmless while others are very toxic to humans and some animals. To see a list of all the harmful proteins that may be in a snake’s venom visit : http://library.thinkquest.org/C007974/2_6sve.htm

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    Hey Snakeman, I like your passion for snakes.  There are actually over 50 species of sea snake in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, the most venomous of which is the Beaked Sea Snake.  Its venom consists of extremely potent neurotoxins (which cause paralysis and intense muscle contractions) and myotoxins (which cause muscle tissue to die and rot), which are made of protein and enzymes as nadeged said.  One drop of the venom of a Beaked Sea Snake is enough to kill three average-sized men.  One of the reasons they are so venomous is that they are close relatives of cobras.  The most common sea snake, the yellow-bellied sea snake, lives in the open ocean and has been found as far north as Hawaii.  Luckily, sea snake bites on humans are rare, and typically the snake releases venom in such a small quantity that it will not harm a human.

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