What is the smartest bird in the world?



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    Intelligence is difficult to define, which means that there is no definitive answer to which bird species is the “smartest” in the world.  However, many ornithologists consider the corvids, or the crow family, to be at the top of the list. 

    Corvids like the American crow, the raven and the jackdaw exhibit behaviors and abilities often found in other “intelligent” animal species.  These traits include the ability to learn, the use of tools, teamwork, mimicry and playfulness.

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    Corvid species like the raven are extremely intelligent.  They even have different, “dialects” which vary between populations.  Raven’s have also been known to untie knots and even steal the fish from ice fisherman’s lines.  However, I think the African Grey Parrot is the most intelligent bird in terms of range of communication.  African Greys are able to memorize over 200 words, while canines (for example) are only able to memorize about 60!  African Greys are also able to associate these words with human meanings, such as color, shapes, numbers, and other symbols.  This ability demonstrates a level of symbolic thought that is rarely seen in the animal kingdom.

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    I believe that it may be  a toos up between the crow and the hummingbird.The crow has been shown to be able to differenciate btween different human faces.This is based on behavior that has been studied. However the hummingbird has the largest brain fo any bird considering its size.It has the remarkable ability to return year after year to the same feeder. Anyone would agree that it extremly smart for a bird.Just like your household pet, they sometimes come to the window when the feeder is empty asking you  to fill it. That’s brilliant for a wildbird.So much is yet to be learned about these birds.

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