What is smart window technology?



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    Smart Window technology allows the user to control the amount of light coming through a window by a turn of a knob. This could potentially save billions by cutting down on the amount of energy consumed by residential windows. For instance, cuttind down on the amount of light and heat coming through your window in the summer could make your air conditioning work less hard, saving energy. Blocking UV rays could also make it easier to protect light-sensative paintings and furnishings, a well.

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    Smart windows are a newly developed type of window. They reduce lighting and heating costs by switching between various settings of opacity, allowing the user to control with a button how much light and heat filters in through the smart window.

    Many competing technologies are currently being developed as science races to find the most economical, user-friendly smart windows out there. Popular right now are chemical processes (such as photochromics and thermotropics, where heat reacts with chemicals in the glass to darken or lighten the glass — though this method is gradually losing support as it becomes evident that these reactions cannot be manually controlled), liquid crystal displays and suspended particle displays (much like the technology that lights up your computer’s screen, with electrical impulses controlling the opacity of windows), and electrochromides (specific chemical compounds ingrained in the glass that can be controlled with electrical impulses).

    A more detailed overview of smart window technology can be found at the link cited below.

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