What is a smart room?



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    Smart Rooms are “like invisible butlers. They have cameras, microphones, and other sensors, and use these inputs to try to interpret what people are doing in order to help” (see link below). They do things like identifying a person who enters, and changing the lighting and temperature and music (etc.) to that person’s preset preferences.

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    Smart rooms are especially useful in hospitals.  According to the Institute of Medicine, medical errors account for 44-100 thousand deaths per year in the United States – deaths that would otherwise have been preventable.  The smart room helps to prevent these unneccessary errors by employing constant monitoring technologies, as well as keeping track of hospital protocols making it easier for medical staff to follow through their routines.  Smart room technology is also used in classrooms to help instructors teach through a variety of different interactive medias.  This includes computers for telecommuting (such as those advertised by CISCO), and interactive blackboards and whiteboards.  However, it can be a struggle for some schools to keep their classroom technology up to date.  Even some luxury hotels offer smart room technology to ensure a comfortable stay for their guests.  Please see the links for more information.

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